Let's Talk Storj DCS Webinar

August 25 at 12PM ET

How to save 90% on your AWS S3 bill in 20 minutes - A step-by-step tutorial

Are you still paying too much for cloud storage? Storj is an enterprise-grade, decentralized cloud storage solution with costs that are a fraction of AWS S3. Our S3 compatibility makes it quick and easy to switch from a centralized storage service to the low costs, high resiliency, zero-trust security, and high-speed massive parallelism of Storj.


If you're going to introduce a new service into your technology stack, you need to do diligence testing or a proof of concept. But that's hard if you can't figure out how to integrate it. Storj is S3-compatible, so integration is easy.


Developers don’t need to learn anything new. In many cases, it takes as little as a few minutes to simply change your endpoint and credentials to start test driving the benefits of decentralized cloud storage.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Storj cloud storage works and why it is so fast and secure
  • Why Storj is 1/10th to 1/40th the cost of traditional cloud storage
  • How you can migrate to Storj in minutes using our S3 compatibility


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