Let's Talk Storj DCS Webinar

January 26 at 12PM ET


Want reliable performance? How Storj is consistently faster than AWS.


Fast performance is good. But reliable performance is better. This is what we’ve heard from happy customers who have switched from AWS to Storj. Centralized cloud storage providers, like AWS, GCP, and Azure, can’t deliver reliably because they are limited by the hub and spoke model where heavy traffic or far distances can cause congestion and slow transfer speeds.


This webinar analyzes thousands of experiments on upload and download speeds across configuration changes and geographic locations with Storj versus AWS performances. We will dive into the details of why Storj is more performant than centralized cloud storage.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Storj’s unique architecture can out-perform centralized providers
  • How Storj avoids long-tail induced variance
  • How Storj maximizes parallelism while minimizing coordination

Join the webinar today to learn how Storj provides more globally reliable performance.


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