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July 21 at 12PM ET

The Trifecta of Video File Sharing & Storage—Fast, Secure, and Low Cost


A common problem we hear from video production studios and agencies is that they are struggling with finding cloud storage for sharing large video files that meets ALL of their needs. Specifically, they want: 

  • A low-cost solution that is consistent and doesn’t charge extra for egress
  • AND a solution that saves them time on uploads/downloads globally
  • AND one that is highly secure—both with encryption and immutability so no files are ever lost.

That solution is Storj video cloud storage. Optimized for large file sharing and storage, the Storj distributed network meets or exceeds the requirements for video creators who need their team productive 24/7. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Storj video cloud storage works
  • Why Storj is so fast and files are always available for video sharing
  • How Storj is so cost effective compared with alternatives


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